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Almadriz: Tales from the Ancient Empire

It was the greatest age the world had ever known. After the fall of the Barbarian Lands and the Eastern States to Norokkai the Unifier, after the War of the Red Twins had settled and the Ressurection Aegis appeared to protect the nation, the great Almadriz Empire was born. A time of unprecedented peace and prosperity led to advances in magical understanding, social development, and military and political theory that changed the face of Ira-To even to this day. But there is much of this ancient time that is not taught by our Clerics and Masters. Tales of intrigue, heroism, violence, triumph, and woe have been lost to the passing eons that separate that golden age from our own. Even my own memories of those ages have crumbled and faded like the books that now surround me. But let me tell you, children, of the stories I still have. Let me tell you of the Year of Abandonment, the Nehkresh Insurgency, and the Rise of the Wither-Mare. Let me tell you the stories of your own past that you’ve never heard. Let me tell you of how the Empire was nearly lost—and of those that died to save it.

— Elustrieth Brightstar, Lich-Queen of the Sprawl

Welcome to Almadriz!

This is the webpage for Almadriz: Tales from the Ancient Empire, a collaborative storytelling/worldbuilding game set in the ancient and powerful Almadriz Empire. Faced by the ever-increasing encroachments of adult life on our RPG group, this game is an experiment in a commitment-light form of role-playing. The games are run online using Roll20, and every single adventure is a self-contained story arc, with a cast of characters that aren’t necessarily ever played again. This allows our rather large and busy group of role-players to drop into whatever games they can make, without any pressure to keep to a schedule from the outset. This also opens a number of strengths in terms of world-building. The campaign—and with it the world—emerges like those old “Tales From” Star Wars novels. While not directly connected, the adventures happen in roughly chronological order and in relative proximity, and so a character from one may be an NPC from another. One evening’s successful dungeon crawl is the next’s quest to track down the thieves that raided your guild hall. Players may work to build a border stronghold, only to raid it as a rival faction in a month. Every session adds to the web of intrigue that is slowly ensnaring the Almadriz Empire, and every adventure promises to astound.

Welcome, fellow storyteller, to Almadriz.

Home Page

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